We Beg Forgiveness

We hope you'll forgive our alacrity and our penchant for metamorphosism, which is quite likely spelled incorrectly. The thing is, this paragraph is what's known as "filler" to hold down some space on the page pending the creation of something meaningful and relevant. We're not above using the staid and well-worn "lorem ipsum" latin stuff for this purpose. However, we opted to resort to literary diarrhea in our native English, for lack of ability to compose in Ukrainian or something. At times, we might take a stab at Spanish, but this is not one of those times. This is actually kind of difficult. Well, did you hear the one about the drunken professor of anthropology? No, we didn't think so. When we hear it, we'll be sure to pass it on, right here on this vary page, or perhaps on a different page where it would be more appropriate. Maybe we'll have a jokes page. Those in favor of a jokes page at this website can let us know. Perhaps we'll set up a poll about it. In any case, this is enough for the moment.

A Fop