Blog? What Blog?

The thing is, we don't have the blog going yet. When we say "yet" we realize that people would naturally infer that a blog is coming and some time when they click that "Blog" button lo and behold instead of this page they'll see a scintillating and informative blog with new blog postings nearly every day if not every day or even more often that that. The truth is, however, that in this context we have used the word "yet" in the sense of meaning "now" or "at present". We don't mean to suggest that a blog is forthcoming. Of course, it is on our minds, and we think about it all the time but, honestly, when it comes to time we don't even seem to have the time to get our pages up to speed and presentable in a manner we can be proud of, much less time to get a blog up and running.

Image of Revolutionary Felix

In the absence of our blog, and until we can launch the same, we strongly urge everybody to head over to Bandolero's Hideout for stimulating and inciteful, er, we mean, insightful, commentary. Whew, glad I caught that. These are not times during which to print the word "incite"! Bandolero also offers entertaining reading in his Memoirs. If that's not enough, then you could check out (aren't you tired of the phrase "check out"?) a new up and coming blog at the GasKan website. Finally, for a more domestic sort of thing, there's the Chappell Family Blog. And, for those looking for legal chops, you can't go wrong with John Chappell's Oil & Gas Attorney Blog.

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